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DR.C Medical Medicine Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Narumi Okazaki

For a future without allergies
My name is Narumi Okazaki, who is the representative of DR.C Medical medicine.

I am a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and anesthesia. Hydro silver titanium ®(Hyd [AgTiO₂]) technology is a catalytic substance born from the idea of doctors. DR.C Medical medicine's original clean technology that decomposes proteins such as pollen / house dust / mold and sweat / odor / unsanitary proteins into water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.

We aim to prevent and treat allergic rhinitis, hay fever, asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc. by degrading allergic antigens, lowering the amount of inhalation and not increasing the amount of antibody produced in the body. It may be possible to reduce the symptoms.

For the future of children, we are developing hydrosilver titanium R (Hyd [AgTiO2]) technology with a view to contributing to ever-increasing medical costs in Japan.

Hydro silver titanium ®Is
Born from a medical setting

Research and development of protein decomposition technology
I became interested in the technology of photocatalyst.
Photocatalyst is a technology that decomposes organic substances (proteins) into water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.

I applied this, and in 2004, it exerted its weak effect only on small proteins such as viruses, bacteria, pollen, and mite protein bacteria, and decomposed in the absence of light. hydoro silver titanium®was successfully developed.
Application to products and potential for allergy field
As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I thought about applying this technology to sanitary products.

When processed into a napkin material, it has the effect of improving rash by 50% by decomposing the bacteria that cause deterioration of napkin rash. Even when applied to burns and rubbing on the floor, early improvement of the skin was observed.

We started research and development in the field of allergy, thinking that we could apply it to the prevention and treatment of hay fever, allergic rhinitis and asthma by cultivating not only bacteria and viruses but also pollen antigens and tick protein antigens. . Through these processes, the current hydrosilver titanium ®was born.

Allergic rhinitis, hay fever, asthma, etc. develop when the antigens of mites and pollen proteins are inhaled and the amount of antigens produced in the body exceeds the allowable amount. In other words, from the time of birth, hydrosilver titanium has been applied to towels, bedding, and other products around us. hydrosilver titanium ®By incorporating processing, we can expect to reduce the amount of antigen inhaled.

I hydro silver titanium ®by spreading the technology to the world, we aim not only to contribute to comfortable living but also to reduce the risk of allergies in the future.

DR.C Medical Medicine Business List

Pharmaceutical business
・ Ointment for atopic dermatitis
・ Antibacterial agent against resistant bacteria such as MRSA
・ Application to asthma treatment
Healthcare business
・ +4 pollen countermeasure mask (for adults and children)
・ +3 cold protection mask (for adults)
・ +10 pollen countermeasure mask (for adults)
・ Pollen measures glasses
・ +10 Pollen Countermeasure Sheet
Medical device business
・ Development of hay fever countermeasure sheet
・ Development of a perennial allergic rhinitis countermeasure sheet
Mosquito-borne infection project
・ Hatching suppression sheet for mosquito eggs that carry Zika / Dengue fever
・ Hatching suppression sheet for mosquito eggs that carry malaria
Quasi-drug business
・ Sanitary napkin
・ Cosmetics for acne care
Collaboration business
・ Hydrosilver titanium ®Joint product development
(Towels, handkerchiefs, socks, slippers, paints, etc.)
・ Hydrosilver titanium ®Promoting projects that create the future with

Company Profile

Company name

DR.C Medical Medicine Co., Ltd.


2F, Shinjuku Island Tower, 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1302
TEL.03-3340-1979 FAX.03-3340-1970


Narumi Okazaki


September 10, 2007


195 million yen

Business content

Manufacture, import / export, and sale of pharmaceuticals, veterinary chemicals, agricultural chemicals, reagents, industrial chemicals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, development, production, and sale of medical instruments, health instruments, and physicochemical equipment.

Corporate history

the year of 2000

Research on photocatalyst started as a countermeasure against infectious diseases


"Hydro silver titanium® Developed


Application to masks ・ "Hydrosilver titanium ®Mask development


Application to towels ・ "Hydrosilver titanium" ®Towel development

Application to handkerchief "Hydrosilver titanium ®Handkerchief "development

Application to socks: "Hydrosilver titanium ®Socks ”development


Released a mask that turns pollen into water

Obstetrician / Gynecologist
Representative of DR.C Medical Medicine Co., Ltd.

Narumi Okazaki

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, Kochi University, worked in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University Hospital.

Worked at Tokyo Medical University, Department of Anesthesiology.

Opened Shinjuku Ladies Clinic.

"Hydro silver titanium ®Commercialization of the development, to the present as the representative of the drug discovery company DR.C Medical Medicine Co., Ltd.