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The anti-virus high density filter is not included in the DR.C medicine gauze mask.
The main purpose is to prevent splashes (sneezing, oral moisture) and pollen.

Hydro silver titanium®Soft gauze mask
3D type

By the effect of 
Hydro silver titanium®"
"countermeasure against odor"
Fits your face and protects against "colds, splashes and pollen"
Towel craftsmanship "soft gauze fabric"
Can be washed and used repeatedly!
 Towel Museum Group
This soft gauze mask was made with a collaboration Towel Museum Group.
The Towel Museum, a spot that displays works that combine world-unique towels and art, is constructed in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, where is famous for the towel production center.

〜Applying the skin touch technology of the Towel Museum Group〜

Gentle on the skin soft gauze fabric 

Uses soft thread with minimal fluff.
Made from 100% cotton, this gauze features a delicate texture.

Gentle on the throat high absorbency and moisture retainability 

This mask has a higher absorbency and moisture retainability than non-woven fabric, therefore can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. It also helps prevent dry throats.

High cost performance,repeated washing is OK

You can wash the mask repeatedly maintaining the functionality of the functionality of Hydro silver titanium🄬.

  Note on size

When wearing Hydro silver titanium® soft gauze mask(gray×white)

Results of a survey relating to size

70 women out of the 100 surveyed responded that the smaller size fits well.

※More loose-fitting than unwoven masks.

About washing method

Hydro silver titanium remains effective even after being washed 100 times.


 What is Hydro silver titanium®?

Hydro silver titanium® born from the idea of a doctor is DR.C's unique clean technology that decomposes protein into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
Hydro silver titanium®Image of protein degradation 

news release

Please be sure to read it.

  • Please be careful not to make a mistake in the inside and outside.
  • As a guideline,use within 12 hours of continuous use per day.
  • If you feel unwell such as numbness on cheeks, skin, lips or tongue, reddened cheeks or skin, tingling sensation, abnormal skin sensation, or sickness due to odor, discontinue use.
  • If allergic reactions or symptoms such as asthma or atopic dermatitis worsen, discontinue use immediately.
  • Because of the effect of Hydro silver titanium ® , the color tone of the mask may change over time.However, you can use it without any problems.
  • If you have a silver / titanium allergy, please refrain from using it.
  • Do not put the Hydro silver titanium ® mask on your eyes or place it on your eyes or nose.
  • Please refrain from using for infants.
  • Please refrain from using bleach-containing laundry / softening agents.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, it is recommended that you wash the mask by hand and do not tumble dry.
  • This product cannot be used in a place where harmful dust or gas is generated or for the purpose of preventing it.
  • Please refrain from using near fire.