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Hydro silver titanium ®Sheet

Put it on your favorite mask to prevent pollen

Hydro silver titanium ®Technology
Appeared as a sheet!


Your favorite mask
For high-performance masks for pollen measures!

Compatible with both 3D and pleated masks!

Fits in the mouth
It is a three-dimensional pleated design!

Hygienic with 5 sheets + 10 double-sided tape wrapped!

★ Hydro silver titanium ®How to use the seat


Hydro silver titanium ®Affix one or two double-sided stickers to the center of the sheet on the mask side (dark blue) and spread the sheet.


Hydrosilver titanium spread inside your mask ®Paste the sheet.


Use the mask as you normally would.

★ Hydro silver titanium ®How to unfold the sheet

★ How to attach the tape


  • Be careful not to confuse the mask side with the mouth side.
  • As a guideline, use 12 hours a day for continuous use.
  • If you feel unwell such as numbness or redness, tingling in the chin, skin, lips or tongue, or a tingling sensation, or if you feel unwell due to odor, discontinue use.
  • The color tone may change on the mask over time, but you can use it without problems.
  • Hydro silver titanium ®Do not place the seat on your eyes or in your eyes or nose.
  • Please refrain from using if you have infants or asthma symptoms.
  • Please refrain from washing.
  • This product cannot be used in a place where harmful dust or gas is generated or for the purpose of preventing it.
  • Please refrain from using near fire.
  • Please refrain from using if you have a silver / titanium allergy.